Dove Cameron Posts Steamy Instagram Video With Boyfriend Thomas Doherty

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Dove Cameron is not your average Disney Channel star anymore. Her Descendants contract is up, her new music is out, and the 23-year-old singer and actress is ready to be 100% herself, publicly.

Dove posted a video to her Instagram of herself in the mirror and although you can’t see her full body, it’s pretty clear she, and boyfriend Thomas Doherty who is gazing at her from the bath in the corner, are both nude.

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While we love that Dove and Thomas are destigmatizing nudity and promoting positive ideals of sexuality, naturally, there were some haters who think that, because Dove is a role model to young women, being ~naked~ with her ~boyfriend~ is something to keep private. It’s worth noting that the two have been together for two years now and some even thought they were engaged earlier this year. Dove opted not to allow Instagram comments on the video, so trolls had to find other ways to make sure their opinion was out there.

A few months ago, Dove posted a selfie where her nipples were visible in her shirt, which naturally, caused an uproar — mostly for the same reasons why conservatives didn’t approve of the nude bathroom video Dove posted. Dove fired back at the haters, saying, “[D]on’t hide your natural body. people are weird. just because it’s ‘the norm’ now to be ashamed of nipples or your female anatomy or your period doesn’t mean they are actually bad or embarrassing ??? women’s bodies are the literal coolest. anyone who tells you to hide it or slut shames you or puts you down because of your gender can f*ck RIGHT off [sic],” she wrote in an Instagram response that she later re-posted to her IG Stories.

Basically, Dove Cameron is a legend and an icon, and we think it’s awesome that she’s not ashamed of her body or her sexuality whatsoever.

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