Dove Cameron Shares Phone Number & Asks Her Fans To Text Her, But Some Think It’s A Scam

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Dove Cameron Phone Number

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Dove Cameron shared a phone number on social media and asked her Australian fans to text her, but some think it’s a scam after all the messages shared on social media are generics.

“Hey guys, I want to be able to thank you directly and personally for all of the love that you’ve shown me on my music this year. So, here is my phone number and you can text me,” the 23-year-old said in a video uploaded to Twitter and Instagram with ten digits. The post quickly was flooded with comments from fans excited to talk with their fave.

Unfortunately, fans quickly pointed out that all the replies are automated and so far no one has gotten a direct or personal message from the “Out Of Touch” singer herself.

The messages read, “hey it’s Dove. i’m so excited that we can text now! remember to click the link so you’re added to my contacts. this message is automated but from her on out it’s really me! i have lots of new and exciting stuff to share soon…you won’t want to miss it!” the first message reads. After you click the link attached, another comes through. “wonderful I got you saved,” it says. “just need to tell you that Msg frequency will vary. Your carrier’s Msg&Data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel. can’t wait to hear from you!”

In the third automated message shared widely on Twitter, Dove writes, “thank u so much for texting me… i appreciate all of the love and am excited to stay connected with u. i won’t be able to text u back all of the time but ur messages do come directly to my phone and i’ll be using this number to stay in touch and give u exclusive access to what i’m up to. thank u for all of the love. i cannot wait to share what i have in store for 2020.”

Now comes the debate on whether the number is real or fake. One fan on Instagram wrote, “it’s a set up number for money.The company she’s working with gave her a phone with that number and told her to tell her fans to do it. Then it says that data rates may apply and that[‘s] her way and their way of making money[.] It’s basically a sponsor for dove. She will either only respond to a few or not respond to anyone and get her extra cash. [It’s] all a scam for money and promotion. [It’s] honestly sad because little kids are gonna see this[,] add the number and get in trouble… cause they got charged and [their] parents will get mad at them. I even fell for this number because I love her so much but at the end of the day … dove fans aren’t lucky enough to get her real number.”

While the number isn’t necessarily “fake,” it’s pretty clear that it’s not being used to “personally” send messages to fans. It’s likely that Dove will use it through 2020 to send direct notifications to fans about new music releases and more. So, it could be useful for Dove Cameron fans to text the number, just not if they’re hoping for Dove to swoop in and communicate with them directly. You’ll have to go to a meet and greet for that.

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