Dove Cameron Thanks Fans For Making Her Feel “Safer” To Be Herself

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Dove Cameron tries to communicate with her fans as much as possible, but some devoted Dovelies noticed that their idol had been MIA for a couple of days. The “Bloodshot” singer had been staying off of social media during a Scotland trip with her BF Thomas Doherty, but came back online to share her love with the fans and thank them for understanding her “when [she] might not present everything in an obvious way.”

“thank you. in general,” she wrote in a tweet. “i’m back at communicating all the time, cause i get in my head a lot, and forget to like…participate, but. i love you so much. thanks for being here.

She followed up the tweet saying, “also thank you for going out of your way to understand me, when i might not present everything in an obvious way. makes me feel so much safer to be myself, even if i’m not majorly branded or straight forward. it’s so hard to give yourself permission to be human, but you help me.”

Then, she went back to playfully interacting with fans — saying she felt “attacked” by them trying to see her whole astrological chart.

The Emmy award-winning actress is gearing up to release her first truly solo album free of her Disney ties. Dove has dropped sophisticated tracks like the aforementioned “Bloodshot,” along with songs called “Waste,” “So Good,” and “Out of Touch.” Many of them reference her cute AF relationship with Legacies star Thomas, who even made a quick cameo in Dove’s “Out of Touch” music video! Suffice it to say we ship them. Big time.

It’s no secret that Dove Cameron has been through some sh*t and along with the mental health struggles she’s been open and honest about, it’s Thomas, the fans, and her own power of will that keep the former Disney star going. An inspiration.

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