Dove Cameron Stresses Importance Of Therapy After “Intensive Trauma Session”

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Dove Cameron is an icon and she’s an icon who is open about her mental health — which I’m pretty sure makes her a legend. The 23-year-old actress took to Twitter after getting out of a therapy session to tell her fans that “mental health [and] needing help is nothing to be ashamed of.” BRB, making another appointment with my psychologist.

She also discussed how difficult it can be to have access to proper mental health treatment, writing, “[I] know therapy isn’t something everyone has access to [or] can afford [and I] wish that wasn’t the case… before you can help anyone else, you must help yourself.” Words to live by, y’all! You can read everything she had to say below.

Dove hasn’t had an easy life. The former Liv & Maddie actress dealt with the loss of her best friend at eight-years-old, and then her dad a few years later. Of course, Dove’s Descendants costar Cameron Boyce also passed away earlier this year. And that’s only talking about the trauma that Dove’s been public about. Though she’s super honest and open with her fans, it’s always a good reminder that you never know everything someone has been through.

We’re happy to hear that Dove is getting the help she needs. Getting better is never easy, but going to therapy and working hard for your mental health is always worth it.

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