Dylan & Cole Sprouse Likely Hacked By Same Troll Who Threatened Bella Thorne

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Nicky Nelson/WENN.com

Okay, remember last week when Bella Thorne got hacked on Twitter and someone stole her nudes? Well, it looks like the same hacker has targeted both Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse. This Monday afternoon it appeared as if both twins’ social media accounts had been compromised.

Fans noticed that there was something wrong with Cole’s account when he began to tweet a series of out of character tweets, including an *um* inappropriate reference about his girlfriend, Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart.

The reason why we think Sprouse hacks are linked to the recent hack of Bella Thorne’s account? Because in both cases, the hacker told followers to follow variations of the same username. In Bella’s case, the hacker told her followers to follow “@PlugtalkJoe,” while the hacker in Cole’s case told his followers to follow “@PlugwalkerJoe.” While @PlugwalkerJoe has been shut down, @PlugtalkJoe is still active on Twitter.

Dylan’s girlfriend, model Barbara Palvin confirmed via her Twitter on Monday afternoon that Dylan’s account had actually been hacked, too, and that the actor was working to get control of it back, but it was proving difficult, given that the couple is in Japan and it’s still the early morning there.

The hacked tweets from both accounts are being quickly deleted. It appears that they’re mostly spam requests for followers with some vulgarity thrown in to break up the monotony. No one ever said internet hackers were renowned for their wit.

Fans took to Twitter to wonder why Cole gets hacked so often. The Riverdale actor also had his Twitter hacked last August, when a fan tweeted about a fake Riverdale meetup in Los Angeles.

Maybe it’s time to get a password manager, Cole? While it’s definitely not Cole’s fault that internet trolls enjoy hacking him, maybe posting tweets like this is not the gold standard of internet safety:

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