Dylan Sprouse Drags Cole Sprouse On His Twitter Post About Losing Your Virginity

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By this point, you probably already know that Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse – AKA the former Disney Channel stars on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody have an on-point Twitter game. The two are constantly tweeting hilarious (and sometimes super f’ing weird) things, and often like to tag their twin as the butt of their jokes. One time Cole basically gave his brother a scientific dick pic for Christmas and posted the evidence on social media. Yeah, it gets weird.

Well, the two are at it again. Cole Sprouse shared a screenshot from Seventeen magazine’s Snapchat that appeared to show a photo of Cole and girlfriend Lili Reinhart with the caption, “Is Losing Your Virginity Painful?” Cole wrote, “I wouldn’t know.”

Then his brother piggybacked on the joke saying that his bro and Lili are “literally the poster children for virginity.”

We’ve gotta say that’s not entirely true considering Cole posted a topless photo of his GF on Instagram for her birthday and Lili once responded to a meme that declared her boyfriend had “good dick game” and “no hoes.”

We wonder how entertaining double-dates are with Cole, Lili, Dylan, and his girlfriend Barbara Palvin.

Cole and Lili weren’t the only ones who were victims of a weird Seventeen Snapchat featured photo. YouTuber Alissa Violet shared a screenshot that showed one of her mirror selfies with the caption “Are You Really Ready To Lose Your Virginity?” So, clearly something weird is going on with Seventeen‘s Snap stories.

Another Twitter user replied in the comments saying “the real one isn’t even better” to Cole which showed a screenshot of the same Sprousehart pic with the caption “The Gross Thing You Aren’t Talking About During Sex.”

That can’t be the real one though, can it? So bizarre. Seventeen hasn’t responded to any of the tweets and the “gross” headline is still active (as of 10:30 AM EST on 1/7), so we really don’t know what’s going on. At least Cole, Dylan, and Alissa are getting some fun out of it!

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