Fans Think Emma Chamberlain Shaded James Charles In New Interview

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Uhhh, YouTube drama alert! Emma Chamberlain opened up about feeling betrayed by fellow YouTubers in a recent interview with W Magazine and some fans are thinking that she’s referencing fellow YouTube star James Charles who she recently broke ties with, it seems.

In the interview, Emma gets real about the isolation she felt after she made the decision to quit high school and focus on vlogging full time. The 18-year-old star says that she reached out to fellow YouTubers “Not because I was like, Oh, my God, I want to be famous and hang out with this famous YouTuber. I wanted a social structure.” Emma continued to say that despite the fact she’s made some lifelong friends from the platform, she’s connected with lots of YouTubers who didn’t have good intentions. “I’ve been backstabbed multiple times — literally, at least 10, just off the top of my head — by other YouTubers, and it’s awful,” she said.

Some fans think this could be a reference to the recent drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook that consumed the internet in May and lead to Emma (and like, everyone else) unfollowing James Charles on Instagram. The timeline seems to add up. The interview took place on Emma’s 18th birthday (May 22nd) which was just a handful of days after Tati uploaded her now-infamous video on May 10.

Since then, it seems like the split between Emma, James, and their tight-knit “sister squad” is pretty final — though some had been speculating it was long before the Tati scandal since James roasted the rest of the squad in a Coachella video with Tana Mongeau. The final nail in the coffin may be that on June 4, Emma uploaded a video entitled, “High School Dropouts Take Finals ft Dolan Twins.” The presence of the Dolan twins was pretty noteworthy since along with James and Emma, they composed the final part of the sister squad.

Understandably, fans went pretty crazy to see this confirmation of the fact that the once-powerful YouTube squad was officially dead, but we can kind of see where Emma is coming from. In the notorious tea filled YouTube world, Emma steers pretty clear from all the drama, and James Charles seems like nothing if not a drama magnet.

RIP the Sister Squad. Long live the Holy Trinity?

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