Ross Lynch Says He’s “Never Seen” The Leaked Nudes That Are Circulating

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Brian To/WENN.com

Ross Lynch is not a shy guy. He’s spoken openly about threesomes, having sex in the same room as his brother, Rocky Lynch, and even posted some near-nude photos on his Instagram. Exhibit A:

So we’ve gotta believe that if he’s denying that these alleged Ross Lynch nudes are his, it’s the truth. ICYMI: Ross Lynch began trending on Twitter when people started saying that they’d seen photos of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star’s ~nether regions~. When Ross himself caught wind of the rumors, he responded nonchalantly, saying:

Then, naturally, he used the opportunity to shamelessly plug his The Driver Era music video.

His brother, Rocky, also chimed in on the naked pictures, saying he wanted to see them:

Rocky, if you want to see the photos, we’re not gonna post ’em here — but they’re all over Twitter so it shouldn’t be hard to find. For journalistic purposes, of course, I took a gander and although the person in the self-shot nudes does look like Ross Lynch, it’s super blurry so there’s no way to know for sure. In fact, it seems like the Twitterverse has spoken and it’s *not* really him in those photos.

In fact, some people think they found the *real* Slim Shady person in the pics, and it’s cam model Brad Houston. It must be a very old video — not just because of the image quality — but because Brad now has a full-grown beard and the guy in the nudes is clean-shaven.

What a lovely way to start a Thursday morning, investigating to see if those Ross Lynch nudes are legit.

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