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Hailey Baldwin Debuts “Lover” Tattoo In Similar Font As Taylor Swift Album

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Hailey Baldwin Tattoo

Instagram / Hailey Bieber

Hailey Baldwin just got a neck tattoo, which is pretty out of character for her girl next door image. What’s weirder, however, is what the tattoo actually says. Hailey, aka Justin Bieber’s wife, got the word “Lover” scrawled on her neck in permanent ink. Hmmm, why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah, it’s the name of Taylor Swift’s album that she dropped less than two weeks ago.

Okay, so we’re aware Taylor didn’t come up with the word “Lover,” and it’s not too coincidental that Hailey got it tattooed on her body. What is a little too coincidental, however, is the fact that she got it written in an almost identical font to Taylor’s album cover. Take a look for yourself.

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Hailey could just be a hardcore Swiftie, but considering Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, is high up on Taylor’s list of enemies this year, we think it’s unlikely. The two artists publicly feuded on Instagram at the beginning of July for the role JB played in Tay’s drama with Scooter Braun, who recently acquired her masters.

Justin posted a long Instagram caption alongside a throwback photo of him and Taylor, basically calling her out for publicly dissing Scooter while also half apologizing to her. It was weird, but one person who supported him was his wife Hailey, who commented on his post saying: “gentleman.”

Fans of Taylor are confused, but also loving this free advertising Hailey’s neck is giving the album.

Hailey’s tattoo is probably just a dedication to her husband, who she called “lover” on his 25th birthday back in March.

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25 sure looks good on u lover.. ?

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Right now Jailey is probably wishing they asked for a second opinion on that tat …

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