Hailey Bieber Absolutely Wrecks Racist Trumper Who Told Normani “You Black People Think You Own Everything”

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Hailey Baldwin Bieber Claps Back at troll racist

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There were many iconic celebrity Halloween costumes this 2019 and Normani had one of the best. The former Fifth Harmony singer turned solo act dressed as Cher. She posted the lewk to Instagram and though most of the commenters were completely taken by her costume, like Kylie Jenner and Rowan Blanchard, one person thought that Normani, as a Black woman, should not have dressed like a white performer.

According to a screenshot posted on Twitter, a user names @martaberr_92628 wrote, “I don’t think this is the right costume for a black girl, [sic] Cher is white and Cher was thin, [sic] Cher did a lot you [sic] not even close to her you [sic] black people think you own everything [sic] no fair [sic] you could’ve done beyonce or rihanna or janet but no [sic] cher cher [sic] is white respect her.” Usually I’d just write one [sic] at the end of a grammar error-filled comment like that, but I wanted you to see just how uneducated the commenter is.

Martaberr probably never thought she’d get attention from a celebrity — and we doubt this is the way she wanted to get it. Hailey Baldwin, now Hailey Bieber swooped into the comments to clap back at the racist. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with Normani dressing up as Cher for Halloween. What do you mean by the first sentence? She can do it because she wants to, she is doing much better than you, you’re behind a computer complaining about a costume. Stop being racist and get out of her page if you don’t like it. It’s 2019 and you’re still supporting the garbage of Trump, Marta.”

Mic drop.

It should be noted that Hailey herself has been called out for racist sentiments in the past.

It seems like the model has learned from past mistakes and started to right her wrongs.

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