Hailey Bieber Goes OFF On A Selena Gomez Fan Claiming She “Stalked” Jelena

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Hailey Bieber isn’t happy that a Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber shipper claimed that Hails was “stalking” them when Jelena got back together in 2017 and she’s letting the world know it.

In a now-deleted Instagram comment, the model went off. “I’ve truly kept my mouth shut when it comes to this but I’m sick of the weird stories you guys create in your head so here we do once and for all: Justin and I spoke and patched things up in December of 2018.. we were friendly and cool with each other way before we got back together. Justin is the one who came to me to make things right and patch things up. Not the other way around. I know you guys love living in the fantasies you create in your head but when I say you TRULY have no idea what really happened behind closed doors you don’t… there is so much more to the story that you’ll never know because it’s none of your business. But I’m tired of people creating this narrative of me when it’s just not true. I’m clarifying this one and I’m not gonna say it again PERIOD,” she wrote.

It should be noted that Hailey probably means they patched things up in December of 2017 because the pair was legally married by the next year. During December ’17, Justin was spending time with Selena and there were reports that the two were in couples’ therapy over his friendship with his now-wife.

She then posted another now-deleted comment, saying, “you guys are completely obsessed with a situation you know nothing about. Let it go!!!!”

In a matter of seconds, the comments were screenshotted and Hailey deleted before they could make too big of a splash. But unfortunately, once things are online, they’re there forever.

The original post came after Justin Bieber’s fourth episode of his docuseries, Seasons debuted for non-premium YouTube customers. The episode revolves around his relationship with Hailey and does mention some of the time they spent apart, during which J.B. got back together with Selena. However, Selena is not mentioned during the episode.

This isn’t the first time Hailey has clapped back to Jelena shippers. In July, she insisted that Justin did not cheat on SelGo with her, writing that “Ther is nothing but purity and love in this relationship… You are creating toxicity.”

Unfortunately, it seems like as much as Hailey tries to ignore the haters, she still gets pretty riled up over the rumors. Girlfriend’s just gotta remember that baseless gossip is something all celebrities deal with, and the happiness of herself and her man should be all that matters.

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