Hailey Bieber Posts “I’ll Kill You” Instagram Story Moments After Selena Gomez’s New Song Release

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Hailey Bieber Selena Gomez Kill Lose You To Love Me


This doesn’t feel like a reach at all. Moments after Selena Gomez dropped her new track, “Lose You To Love Me”, which many thought was pointed at her on-and-off boyfriend, Justin Bieber, Justin’s now-wife Hailey Bieber posted an Instagram Story that she was listening to a song called “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker featuring Jhené Aiko. The song’s basically about murdering anyone who tries to get near their man and was released a few weeks ago on October 4.

With lyrics like, “I gave my all and they all know it / You turned me down and now it’s showing / In two months, you replaced us / Like it was easy,” Selena’s song is a pretty clear shot at Justin, who started dating Hailey a couple months after their last breakup in early 2018, and Hailey and J.B. were married by August of that same year — before their official ceremony last month.

Naturally, Selenators were feeling heated over Hail’s assumed diss and came for the newlyweds big time.

Selena hasn’t appeared to respond to Hailey’s diss yet, and she probably won’t. After all, she’s busy celebrating the release of her new track! Stream “Lose You To Love Me”! Shouldn’t Hailey be busy celebrating her marriage to Justin?

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