Who Is The Hedgehog Behind The Scooter Braun Death Threats?

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WBK that Swifties were ~smarter than the FBI~ but this is next level. Mere hours after Scooter Braun sent a public message to Taylor Swift saying her fans were sending him and his family death threats, complete with a screenshot from one of the death threats on Instagram, fans found the original image the death-threat-maker used. Oh, and Scooter Braun’s wife, Yael, casually has mutuals.

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The fourth photo shows someone who wrote, “Hi, why dont you just die withyour children??? I will buy a gun tmr and them shoot you allin the head.” The person who sent it has a profile picture of someone holding a small hedgehog.

Quickly, a 20-year-old Swiftie named Veronica, who considers herself to be on “taylena defense force,” did some digging and found the OG image was posted by mr.pokee, the hedgehog owner (also the name of the hedgehog himself).

Here’s where it gets interesting. Yael follows an account called lnstagramaninals… and they frequently post pics of aforementioned Mr. Pokee hedgehog that the Instagram user used to send Scooter Braun death threats. In fact, that account posted Mr. Pokee just last month.

Coincidence? Perhaps. the whisp spoke to Veronica to ask about her FBI-level investigation.

“[W]hen i finished reading Scooter’s letter, i felt bad because i know that some swifties were wilding in his DMs just to tweet about it and be cool (which didn’t even happen because when someone insults Scooter seriously we tell them to stop. then i saw the icon of the person and honestly, it was VERY weird because someone from our fandom wouldn’t use that like wtf ??? (and if they did, it would have the lover background),” she said via Twitter DM. “so i started to search if scooter was following someone with that icon or similar and since i didn’t find anything I went to Yael’s profile and did the same. I noticed she follows a lot of animal accounts so i put in the search bar ‘animals’ and three accounts popped up. i was confused tho because there were so many hedgehogs pics … but @TS7Prediction told me the name of that hedgehog’s Instagram and once i knew the same I stalked the animal accounts followed by Yael once again, when i found out that one of those accounts posts photos of that exact same hedgehog.”

Either Scooter made a fake profile to send himself death threats as a “Swiftie,” or the person sending Scooter death threats has some things in common with his wife. It’s suss AF either way.

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