Here’s How To Make ‘Rise & Shine’ By Kylie Jenner Your Alarm Tone

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YouTube / Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has broken the internet with her Kylie Cosmetics office tour and it’s not because her office is huge and boujee. The 22-year-old uploaded a tour of the KC head office to her YouTube channel last week and it featured a ton of crazy things like prosecco vending machines and giant lip sculptures. Kylie is *allegedly* at her office a lot, so it made sense for her to build a playroom for her daughter Stormi there. In the 16-minute long video, Kylie went into Stormi’s room, where she was taking a nap, and decided to serenade her awake. Thus, the rise and shine meme was born. Take a look.

The clip of Kylie showing off her vocal abilities has since gone viral on the internet, with her sister Kim Kardashian sharing it and Ariana Grande doing her own impression.

The clip is so iconic that some Twitter users have been wondering if they can make Kylie’s wake-up call their alarm tone. Wouldn’t it be so soothing to wake up to that voice? Well, one Twitter user has figured out how to do just that. User @arrisamsico tweeted instructions on how to make the *song* your alarm/ringtone in three easy steps.

For iPhone users, we’ve included a more in-depth video of how to set the bop as your ringtone or alarm tone below.

Now you can start every day off right with “Rise & Shine,” the hit debut single from Kylie Jenner.