Jaclyn Hill’s Ex-Husband Speaks Out About The Lipstick Drama

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Instagram / Jon Hill

Jaclyn Hill has been MIA on social media since she posted her “explanation” video to YouTube last week regarding her new cosmetics line. For a quick recap — the beauty mogul put her hairy, melted and lumpy lipsticks down to quality control issues in her manufacturing factory that included white gloves, fluffy towels, and rapid production speeds. For more info, click here. Since then, people have been giving Jaclyn a pretty hard time online, and now her ex-husband, Jon Hill, has weighed in on the issue.

Jon, who was married to Jaclyn for almost ten years before they announced their divorce in May 2018, took to his private Instagram account last night to express his support for his ex-wife. He posted a goofy photo of the pair, alongside a lengthy caption.

Instagram / Jon Hill

Instagram / Jon Hill

He wrote:

“I’ll have your back in your hardest of times like you had my back in my darkest of times. You’ve worked so hard for your makeup line ever since I can remember & this was always your dream. I know this launch of your lipsticks has hurt you badly and you did the best you could to make it perfect but sometimes things don’t work out and they’re out of your control.”

“Jaclyn did all she could in her power to make them perfect. Either way, I’m proud of you and what you’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time. When you’re at the top everyone loves you, but now that you’re in this situation, you see who your real friends are. I’m sorry everyone has come for you so hard. You didn’t deserve this much hate. But you’re a badass and you’ll pick yourself up again. I believe in you and I know I’m not the only one.”

Jon and Jaclyn were childhood sweethearts before marrying in 2009 when she was just 18 and he was 19. The couple split after they experienced turbulent years in their marriage due to Jon’s alcohol and substance abuse issues. She has since moved on to a new relationship, while Jon has had an on-and-off girlfriend for the past year. Despite this, the two have continued to support each other publicly on social media.

Instagram / Jon Hill

Jon’s post was met with mixed opinions from his followers, with some people criticizing him for defending Jaclyn when her lipsticks could potentially be making people sick. One follower wrote: “She’s literally making people sick with her lipsticks and not taking any accountability for it. People aren’t coming for her, they’re just finally seeing her for who and what she truly is,” while another said “The support is great. But also constructive criticism like sis. Don’t spend more time on the fun photo shoots than you do on making sure the quality is at least 90%.”

Other people also expressed their support for Jaclyn, and also their hopes that the former couple will get back together. “I really can’t wait until Jon feels super healthy emotionally and physically and Jaclyn humbles herself a bit and they realize they were always meant to be together. A lot of love for them both. No ones perfect, but these two are connected at the soul. Nothing is ever gonna change that,” a fan wrote. “I hate this launch went south. I feel like the lab is more at fault for this than Jaclyn is. And the quality control. There is only so much one person can do in a situation like this,” said another.

Although Jaclyn didn’t comment a reply on Jon’s emotional post, she did show her thanks with a like.

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