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Jake Paul Fuels Tana Mongeau Dating Rumors With Brad Sousa Video Post

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Instagram / Tana Mongeau

Since Youtuber Tana Mongeau opened up about her breakup with ex-boyfriend Brad Sousa in a recent video titled, “i got cheated on but that’s okay,” many Tana stans have been standing up for her, perhaps to the point that pushed Brad to turn off his Instagram comments. ICYMI: Tana accused Brad of cheating, and she also opened up about their unhealthy relationship, saying he even “manipulated” and “brainwashed” her.

But fans are now getting to hear what Brad himself has to say for the first time since her video dropped. In a video titled, “im sorry..” Brad does confirm the cheating rumors… kind of. While he said he didn’t cheat on Tana “physically,” he does admit to receiving NSFW Snapchat photos from multiple women and responding to them. Hun, that is *still* cheating, sorry.


He said in the video, “What happened in her video is true. There was a little bit of over-exaggeration… but I mean what she was going through and what I had done, I don’t blame her for speaking her mind and her truth and her heart.”

He continues to say how that weekend at Coachella was “very bad” and the girls he was Snapchatting with “gave him 0% of what Tana did… that girl is perfect.” While he apologizes for what he had done and mentioned how he and Tana still are in contact, he would understand if Tana wanted to cut ties completely.

But, it looks like Tana stans aren’t accepting his apology (just the ratio of dislikes to likes on his video says it all).

There have been rumors that Tana is already moving on, possibly with none other than YouTuber Jake Paul. The two filmed a video together and have been doing quite a bit of social media flirting. Then Jake actually responded to Brad Sousa’s apology-ish video. Logan Paul‘s bro tweeted a screenshot of Brad’s “i’m sorry..” vid with the caption, “i’m not.” Tana then retweeted Jake’s post saying, “omg.”

Now, this would be a love triangle that could shake up the YouTuber world. We can’t wait for all the beef that ensues.

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