Newly-Engaged Jake Paul Left A Thirsty Comment on Girl’s Instagram

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Instagram: @jakepaul/Instagram: @megzelly

We remember when YouTuber Jake Paul got engaged to Tana Mongeau like it was yesterday … because it was yesterday. And yet, Jake has already been caught creeping on another girl’s Instagram butt pics. Smh.

Twitter personality Char Cherette tweeted a picture of Jake Paul creeping on Meg Zelly‘s Instagram yesterday. The pic that Jake liked was a sultry snap of the Instagram star and former Team 10 member at the KAOS club in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jake commented “sheesh” on the cheeky picture, probably in reference to the fact that Meg looks uh-mazing. Fans were quick to call out the newly engaged Jake for his comment, @-ing his fiancée Tana and telling her to come get her mans, as well reminding Jake that, you know, he’s engaged.

We doubt that Jake was really creeping on the ‘gram. First of all, Meg used to be his assistant and is friendly with all of Team 10 members. Friends comment on friends’ fire Instagram! It’s what they do. Secondly, the man just got engaged on Sunday. Surely even Jake Paul isn’t that foolish.

We know that Jake and Tana’s engagement might be a joke, but we’re kind of hoping that these two clout-chasing kids are in it for the long haul. We mean, it makes sense. They’re perfect for each other. Listen, this year has been so 2019 that we’re just holding onto any glimmer of happiness that we see. Please just let us have this.

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