James Charles Issues Apology After Recent Video Offends LGBTQ+ Community

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Instagram / James Charles

James Charles is owning up to his mistakes — namely a recent video he posted where he talked about the fluidity of gender and accidentally offended the LGBTQ+ community and allies when he spoke about a person he’d once dated who was a trans man.

James posted to his Instagram Stories to apologize for being offensive and tried to explain what he really meant in the video when he said that on the Kinsey scale of one to six (one being completely straight and six being completely gay), he was a 5.5 because he’s “thought some women were beautiful in the past and also because [he has] been with a trans man.”

“I hope to address the issue and not run away from it, provide a little more context into what I was trying to say so hopefully we can all learn together, but most importantly, issue a direct apology to my trans brothers and sisters that may have been affected and hurt by what I said.”

“Regardless of whatever my intentions were, that came across as me saying I was not fully gay because I have been with a trans man and that is absolutely, first of all, not true that doesn’t make me not fully gay. But that stereotype and implication is really, really dangerous. And I’m very, very sorry. If you are a trans man, you are a man, if you are a trans girl. you are a woman.”

James goes onto say that what he was talking about was actual genital preferences because although his trans partner was a man, he had not had bottom surgery yet, and although he has always been into penis, he liked this guy enough that it really didn’t matter to him what was down below, which is what he was trying to address when talking about the fluidity of sexuality. “Love can sometimes trump over other things such as appearance, weight, genitals, or sexual identity.”

You can watch the video in question below and sound off in the comments below:


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