James Charles Says He Hates Himself For Going After “Insecure Cute Boy”

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James Charles knows how to deal with tough $h*!. The beauty mogul let a fake sex tape that was circulating roll off his back and clapped back at Emma Chamberlain after she unfollowed him for no reason. But no matter how strong a person is, sometimes stuff is just too much to get over.

James tweeted on Friday morning saying he “officially give[s] up,” despite having a set call.

“I officially give up,” he wrote. “I’m sitting sobbing in my hotel room at 8am when I have to be on set in an hour. This is no one’s fault but my own because my dumb ass continues to go for the same type of insecure cute boys and it gets me hurt every. single. time. I f*cking hate myself.”

Okay, let’s first say that all of us can probably remember a time when we related. Heartbreak sucks, especially when you feel you should’ve known better. But also, let’s face it… when some “insecure” person treats you like sh*t, it’s still their fault — not yours.

To make matters even worse, he couldn’t get his Delta flight refunded. The 19-year-old tweeted, “heartbreak + $500 non/refundable ticket down the drain, my fav comb.”

We have a feeling that once Delta sees the 13,000 ‘Likes’ and counting, they’ll make an exception. He’s James Charles, after all. You know, the CoverGirl ambassador? The YouTuber with 14 MILLION subscribers? The gay icon? Yeah, that one.

We are definitely curious about what “insecure cute boy” put our favorite YouTuber in such emotional turmoil, but more than that, we just hope he starts to feel better soon. Having millions of friends in your sister squad should hopefully help. We’ve all been there, but we haven’t all been fortunate enough to have the insanely loyal support system he does.