This New James Charles & Jenna Marbles Video Is The YouTuber Crossover Of Our Dreams

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Every other influencer on YouTube can just quit now because we have officially gotten the best YouTuber crossover video imaginable and it. can. not. be. topped. Jenna Marbles went on James Charles‘s channel for a makeover and to hear him fangirl about how she is one of the OG’s on YT.

It’s a super cute video where they talk about how she’s been making videos for almost ten years and how she maintains inspiration after all of this time. He said it’s been hard enough keeping up the energy after only two. They also talked about which videos they felt were total failures before they went viral and how Jenna has been giving James advice over the internet for like, years now. He said, “It has been really cool hearing from you as someone who’s been in it for a while, giving your perspective and, like, helping me out.”

They also talked about how the vids they felt like were their biggest fails turned out to be huge successes — a good reminder for all of us not to be so hard on ourselves. “The videos that you feel like, are whatever are the ones that people really like and respond to,” Jenna said. “And the ones that you put all your energy into and really enjoy people are like ‘eh, I didn’t really like this one.'”

“My second most-viewed video on my channel is literally my fake palette video where I bought the fake palette and reviewed it. I hated how the video turned out. I was like ‘this is gonna be a horrible video, I don’t even know if I want to post this.'”

“The greenscreen video that I filmed. Literally, after I was done filming it, I laid on the couch in full green face and I was like ‘Julian, I’m not going to upload it. It’s terrible.” Then after James Charles said it was “one of [his] favorite videos” she’s ever posted, she revealed: “But I was so defeated by the end of it.”

You can watch the whole video here:

[youtube_iframe id=”zhfGLn2wu9k”]

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