James Charles Denies Sex Tape Rumors & Reveals He’s A Virgin

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We all know the feeling of hearing a rumor about ourselves that’s provably false — and this time, it’s YouTuber/makeup artist/model James Charles who had to deny some questionable tea going around yesterday about an alleged James Charles sex tape making the rounds.

Basically, people took to Twitter to report that they’d seen the CoverGirl ambassador’s sex tape. But there are only two problems: 1) Watching someone’s intimate videos without their consent is at best, really f***ed up and, at worst, illegal. 2) James Charles has never had sex.

Once James got a hold of the news, the 19-year-old sensation was quick to deny it, calling the alleged sex tape “exciting news … considering I’m still very much a virgin.” Then, naturally, he closed off the tweet with a “lol.” Check it out for yourself:

We’re not going to post the sex tape here because like, why would we? Also, the aforementioned issues with consent and revenge porn, but some people who did see the tape claimed it was pretty obvious that it wasn’t the makeup mogul because the person in the video was missing his birthmarks. Others told James he should embrace it because of the fame others have gotten from leaked sex tapes (i.e. Kim Kardashian, etc.)

While there’s definitely nothing shameful about having sex, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to wait, either, and it’s pretty cool that James Charles doesn’t give a f&^% about his never-had-sex status. Furthermore, we stan a queen who puts B.S. rumors to rest once and for all.

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