James Charles Slams Tinder For Banning His Account

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James Charles has had it with Tinder and he wants the world to know it. The 19-year-old YouTuber took to Twitter to slam the dating app and their customer service team after his account got banned. He then praised their competitor Bumble saying “ily.”

After admitting to paying for Tinder (which is a whole ‘nother thing) and having his account taken down again for “violating” their “terms of service” (probably thinking he belongs on Nev Schulman‘s MTV show), he wrote, “maybe if your customer service that I’ve emailed 4 times didn’t f*cking suck we could’ve avoided this!!!!!” Oopsie daisy. We’re sure Tinder’s not too happy that someone with 3 million Twitter followers is d r a g g i n g them in public — but it’s kind of no one’s fault but their own. THIS IS A PR NIGHTMARE!

The beauty mogul also stated that he thinks having a public blue check mark makes things awkward — which is probably why he’s been emailing Tinder’s customer service reps hoping that he could get verified without having that certified stamp published to his page.

While Tinder hasn’t responded to James’s public display of dis-affection, Bumble is reveling in the love… and it’s possible James and Bumble are gonna be teaming up on something because James Charles is asking them for a DM! What could it be?!

This is not the first time that James Charles’s real Tinder account has been deleted for suspicion he’s a catfish. In July 2017, he asked Tinder to reinstate him on the app on Twitter, but when they didn’t respond, he just made another account.

This latest plea to Tinder comes after James Charles admitted he got his heart broken by some “insecure cute boy.” Well, looks like his next crush will be a match made on Bumble because Tinder ain’t getting none of his business anymore! Sister, say it ain’t so!