James Charles Gets Slammed For Blocking Fans Who Complained About Tour Prices

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#SisterScam? Uh-oh, this isn’t good. YouTube star and makeup mogul James Charles has enraged his own fans with what some are calling “cash grab” tour prices. To make matters even worse, he’s now being accused of blocking and unfollowing fans upset by the prices. This also comes just a week after he had to apologize for offending his trans fans in a YouTube video, so James Charles is currently steeping in controversy.

Though the CoverGirl beauty ambassador initially said he was “talking to [his] team about the ticket prices” and explained why he felt it was necessary to price meet & greets at over $500 per person and general admission at over $100 when taxes and fees come into play. However, after the responses to those tweets got slightly brutal, he erased the explanation and instead explained that the goodie bags he’ll be giving out have a “high dollar value.” Um, we’ll take the meet and greet with James Charles and no goodie bag for 50 bucks, then, please?

To make matters worse, some fans have exposed the 19-year-old internet sensation for unfollowing and blocking people online who voiced their upset about exorbitant tour prices. Does this mean James Charles is canceled? We hope not, but only time will tell.

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