James Charles’s First Twitch Stream Was Shut Down In Under A Minute

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YouTube / Asure

James Charles may be the Qween of YouTube and Instagram, but the one social media platform he definitely isn’t welcome on is Twitch. The 20-year-old beauty influencer took to the streaming platform over the weekend for his Twitch debut under the name JCharlesBeauty, however, his launch was shortlived after the stream was shut down within a minute thanks to haters.

Instead of having an intimate chat with his followers as he’d originally planned, James had to stop broadcasting before he ever really got started after an influx of trolls flooded his stream with hate and penis-themed emotes. The stream was also overcome with fans of fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif, who made themselves known by posting “egg emotes” that are usually associated with the user.

“There’s too many people spamming this. Okay, so we need to block the word ‘Eggers,’ whatever that means,” James can be heard saying during the first few seconds of the stream as he wondered how he could block users. Suddenly, the stream ended and was replaced by a picture that read: “Be back soon sisters.”

James never came “back soon” and you can’t watch his minute-long video back on Twitch, however, a fellow user screen recorded the stream, which you can watch below.


While lots of users found the entire situation hilarious, others expressed their disappointment at the negative experience James had during his first Twitch stream and asked why people still feel the need to hate on others.

One follower actually warned James to have a moderator on his stream before it went live because the haters can be a little crazy, but he obviously didn’t listen.

Twitch is mainly used for video game live streaming and sports tournaments, so perhaps James should just stick to Instagram live! If he does decide to return to the streaming site, let’s hope he gets some real moderators in place.

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