You Can Listen to Bachelorette Finalist Jed Wyatt’s Dog Food Jingle Here

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Image via ABC

If anyone knows good dog food, it’s Jed Wyatt. Obviously…

The Bachelorette finalist met leading lady Hannah Brown‘s parents during Part 1 of the finale Monday night and revealed that not only is he a musician in Nashville, but he writes jingles, too. When discussing how he plans to financially support Hannah, the musician confessed that he signed a deal with a dog food company and wrote a jingle for them, calling it his “first real breakthrough” in the industry.

It didn’t take long for fans to find the commercial Jed created for Better Bowl. The brand shared a video of the jingle over a month ago with the caption, “Always waiting. Always there. Go ahead and give your dog something special and fresh. BetterBowl – It’s Better Than Fresh.”

The jingle begins: “You get home/You know who’s been waiting/Wagging by the door/Rain or shine kind of love/Like nothing you’ve seen before/Your dog really does deserve the best/Go pick ’em up some Better Bowl.”

Though the jingle is sweet, it wasn’t enough to win over Hannah’s parents, who seemed visibly opposed to their daughter choosing him as her husband-to-be.

“I don’t want you to settle for anything. I want you to make sure that you make the right choice,” Hannah’s father tells her during Monday night’s episode. Hannah’s mother had similar sentiment, adding, “I’m telling you what I see as a mom. I want somebody that will love you the way I know you should be loved.”

Hannah seems visibly distraught over her parents disapproval. “I am concerned and I am confused and conflicted. No matter how much, like, I want to make this my decision, I want them to see what I see,” she says.

Tonight kicks off Part 2 of The Bachelorette Season 19 finale where fans will see Hannah choose between musician Jed and hunky model Tyler Cameron. We’ve been waiting for this moment for ages.

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