Jhené Aiko & Ariana Grande Can Agree On One Thing: Big Sean’s A (Surprisingly) Good Ex-Boyfriend

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NGL, most of us probably figured that Big Sean was a sh*tty ex to have after he and Naya Rivera split and he released an absolutely disrespectful banger called “I Don’t F*ck With You.” Then again, the Glee star married a different dude the day she was set to marry Big Sean, a different dude that she was ultimately arrested for domestic abuse against, so maybe there’s more to the “IDFWY” story.

Last year, Ariana Grande released “Thank U, Next,” with Big Sean’s permission to name-drop him (not that she *really* needed it, but still), a song that opened with the generally apathetic lyrics, “Thought I’d end up with Sean / But it wasn’t a match.” She also included a page for him in the “Thank U, Next” “burn book” of her exes, and eagle-eyed fans saw it mentioned that he “could still get it.” He was dating Jhené Aiko at the time, so the page fueled rumors that her future single “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” was about him, too.

That theory’s been debunked, but Ari was seen with Big Sean in February as she tried to mend her relationships with her exes before heading out on her sweetener/thank u, next world tour. This was about two months after Sean and Jhené split.

Now, Jhené’s releasing music and Big Sean is more than happy to support her musical endeavors even if the two are no longer together. Honestly, if a guy gives you nine orgasms in one day while you’re together, he’s probably a pretty generous ex-lover, too.

The two were collaborating long before they started hooking up and now that their relationship has ended, it doesn’t seem like the collaboration will end any time soon. On November 11, Jhené released “None of Your Concern” (which fans think refers to Ari as “Little Miss Thing”), and the breakup song has lyrics like “get yo’ bitch a** off of my phone” and “I’m not your girl anymore … don’t worry about who it is I’m f*cking.” Of course, the last minute of the track features a verse from Big Sean. It’s strangely cute and unbelievably honest.

The two previously collab’d post-breakup on Sean’s “Single Again” underrated BOP when Jhené sang vocals for the chorus of the song. That feature just didn’t necessarily go viral the same way that “None of Your Concern,” has. (Partially because of the nine-orgasms thing, TBH.)

Jhené and Big Sean’s split was clearly pretty amicable. But the same can’t be said for what allegedly happened with Sean and Ari, who dumped her at-the-time boyfriend when he released, “Million Dolla P*ssy” and felt objectified. Since then, the two have made up and buried the hatchet.

Not sure we’d want to date Big Sean, but he *does* seem like the perfect ex.

Jhené Aiko ‘liked’ both of the above tweets by Big Sean.