JoJo Siwa Babysat North West & Put The Whole Thing On YouTube

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It’s easy to forget that North West is only five years old because she has the energy of a 30-year-old magazine editor. JoJo Siwa, on the complete other end of the spectrum, is almost 16 years old with the energy of a five-year-old. It was only natural that the reality TV child stars got together to collaborate on a long-awaited video for JoJo’s channel where JoJo babysits the eldest Kardashian-West kiddo. We watched the entire video so you don’t have to listen to JoJo yell for seven minutes straight. That girl is a walking noise complaint.

[youtube_iframe id=”5U0Q12nH848″]

The first indicator that this isn’t a normal day in the Kardashian household is that Kim Kardashian drops North off at JoJo’s house herself, as if we’re supposed to believe Kim ever runs errands. Kim brought her Keeping Up With The Kardashians kamera krew, so this isn’t the last we’ll see of JoJo and North’s unholy alliance. North showed up in an adorable JoJo-inspired costume, complete with a purple ponytail and blinding rainbow dress. Kim leaves after North attempts to expose her phone passcode to the world, and JoJo seems much more excited about this whole thing that supposed superfan North. Maybe North is just starstruck, but I’ve never seen a five-year-old look that unenthused while going down a slide in my life.

JoJo let North pick out a bow from her massive bow collection, and TBH, JoJo’s calling, if this whole “terrifying tween musician” career path doesn’t pan out, is definitely professional babysitter. She plays hide and seek, makes glitter slime, and treats North as if she’s a normal kid and not the heir to a multi-billion dollar blood money reality TV fortune. JoJo and North have a dance party where North busts out the splits and says something other than “yes” for the first (and possibly only) time during the video. North really just cares about seeing JoJo’s car, because unlike Justin Bieber, she has an eye for quality.

Kim comes back after roughly fifteen minutes and tries to get North to clean the giant glitter mess she made to instill actual values in her child, but JoJo isn’t having it. North actually had a great time and was thrilled to get tickets to JoJo’s concert, and for the first time ever, I’d actually consider having children if I could guarantee they’d pop out as adorable as North is. This is more or less the only time the universe has been introduced to North’s real personality because she’s been kept out of the media more than her parents and aunts have (a low bar, but still), and she’s living proof that with a fleet of good nannies, any kid can turn out okay. We can’t wait to see the other side of this epic playdate when it inevitably airs on KUWTK next year.

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