Disney Channel Star Joshua Rush Prefers We All Use Good Photos When Discussing His Bisexuality

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Joshua Rush bisexual photos


Disney Channel show Andi Mack was groundbreaking for a few reasons, but one of them was that it was the first show on Disney Channel to show a character realizing he’s gay and subsequently coming out to his friends. Now, the actor who plays that character has made an announcement of his own — tweeting “I’m bi” and also, that he likes “a whole bunch of genders.” We won’t be the first — or last, to be sure — to say we stan this approach.

17-year-old Joshua Rush made his sexuality known while also showing that “coming out,” however you choose to do so, doesn’t have to be the biggest deal in the world if you don’t want it to be. That said, his coming to terms with his sexuality was complicated and full of ups and downs, and since no one could describe it better than he did, we’ll let you read the thread yourself.

And although the whole post wasn’t completely lighthearted and touched on some super real issues facing LGBTQ+ youth, it’s pretty obvious Josh is super comfortable with his sexuality at this point. In fact, he’s making jokes about how, as he tries to open up his dating pool to more people, we need to be sure to use good photos of him.

So, per his request, we’ve decided to attach below some photos that we think would look great on a Tinder profile (can you have Tinder when you’re 17? Unsure.):




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