Why Do People Think Justin Bieber’s Road Trip Was About Selena Gomez?

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justin bieber's road trip


Selenators and Beliebers alike have been flooding Justin Bieber‘s Instagram comments after the Biebs took a solo road trip to Lake Tahoe to “pray, think, and reflect” after Selena’s latest single “Lose You to Love Me” topped the Billboard Hot 100 yesterday afternoon. Fans are convinced that Justin Bieber’s road trip was either a cry for help, a thinly-veiled PR stunt, or Hailey Baldwin Bieber posting from Justin’s phone. You guys, we already went over this last week when Hailey posted an Instagram Story of the song “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker on “Lose You To Love Me” release day: sometimes an IG post is just an IG post.

“Took a road trip by myself to pray, think reflect.. time to get back to WIFEY ???,” Justin captioned the serene nature post.

As anyone with a working computer knows, Justin is super religious and super troubled (which is part of what makes him super hot), so it makes more sense that this solo nature hang is just a part of his regular self-care process than it would if he took a road trip to sadly think about Selena and then… posted it on the internet? People are up in the Biebers’ business enough already without incriminating Instagram fodder, so we doubt Justin would purposefully make a pointed post about Selena’s ode to their lost relationship and fan the flames of public intrigue. Plus, his eight-hour drive up to Tahoe from Los Angeles would’ve taken too long for Justin to leave his home *after* the news of Sel’s first No. 1 hit and still arrive before sundown, especially during daylight savings. I know we sound like crazy internet conspiracists here, but these are just the facts.

Still, commenters came for his neck:

“Wife problemas already. And you just got married… That’s why I will stay single FOREVER,” wrote user @alosgoca1975, who we’re sure is not staying single forever *by choice*.

“Lol. Justin never used that emoji ? 3x with a word wifey. ? Looks like Hailey posted this one again,” @_rochelle.christine posted.

“took a road trip by myself to listen to Lose You to Love Me and cry **,” joked @rhiannabrant.

Yikes, guys. You realize he can *see* these, right? Look, all we’re trying to say is that people should probably be a little nicer on the internet and that if Justin took this trip solo, it’s because Hailey had better things to do than sit in a car for 8 hours and think about trees.

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