Justin Bieber Says He & Hailey Baldwin Are Having A Baby After 2020 Tour

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There might be a “Baby” Bieber before too long! Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Bieber have been ~officially~ married for a few months, which means everyone wants them to start getting busy baby-making. During a Livestream, J.B. confirmed that he and the supermodel have plans to start a family once he’s done with this year’s tour.

“Your boy is going back on tour. I’m gonna freaking crush this tour,” Justin said of his North American tour taking place this year from May to September and hitting almost fifty cities. Turning to Hailey, he said, “You and me, traveling the world. Then, after the tour, we have a baby. And then what?”

“And then… I don’t know, we quit and go live somewhere?” Hailey responded. Justin assured fans that she’s just kidding and saying, “relax!”

Justin spent most of the day Livestreaming with the wifey, but perhaps the part that raised the *most* eyebrows was when he asked Hailey, “we going to have sex later?” and she nearly shrieked “Babes! Don’t do that.” The tour will wrap up in nine months… so Justin really could have a baby after tour if those two crazy kids aren’t careful.

Justin’s trying hard to get his single “YUMMY” to break the number-one spot and soon. After all, Selena Gomez‘s Rare album drops TOMORROW and that will be in direct competition with J.B.’s new single.

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