Kate Beckinsale Would Dump Pete Davidson Over Paparazzi, But She Likes Him Too Much

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kate beckinsale likes pete davidson

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A Los Angeles Times reporter finally asked Kate Beckinsale about Pete Davidson, and she actually responded. The writer asked Kate if she’s surprised by the media attention her most recent relationship has inspired, and Kate’s response heavily hinted that she really, really likes Pete.

“I think if you liked the person less, you would bow out of it,” Kate said. “If that were the main thrust of the relationship, there would be a problem. But it’s not.”

So, basically, if she wasn’t super into Pete, she would have dumped his ass a long time ago. Apparently, according to that same interview, she’s had paparazzi hiding outside of her house like it’s 2005 or something, which must get old fast. Kate has even felt the need to delete all of her posts off of Instagram, which happened only a couple of days after she waxed poetic about how much she loved the social networking site in an interview.

Kate described Pete’s weird amount of fame as his “own bag of mischief,” which is a cute way of saying that she’s dating someone whose social life has been such a trainwreck that the paparazzi are trying to catch his inevitable public breakdown on camera.

Kate and Pete’s relationship became a monster in its own right after those viral memes of the pair scarring Antoni Porowski for life spread across the internet. You know the ones I’m talking about.

If *I* can see your tongues from all the way over here, you know something has gone horribly wrong. They’ve since been caught making out in the back of a car on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, once again torturing gay people with their PDA. Haven’t they been through enough? Take your hetero privilege elsewhere, May-December, and let gay people go clubbing and to hockey games without having to see you two suck face!

Clearly, I’m harboring some negative emotions about this couple (really just Pete, tbh, because now Ariana Grande can’t sing “Pete Davidson” on her sweetener tour and it’s tragic), and I’m not the only one. Which, honestly, is probs why Kate felt the need to delete her social media presence. Sorry, girl!

Kate and Pete had dinner with Kate’s parents last Wednesday at Nobu, laughing in the faces of reports that Kate wasn’t trying to be serious with anyone and was barely even considering going exclusive. Based on Pete’s track record, we can expect news of their engagement within the month and a giant tattoo of Kate’s face to appear on Pete’s cheek by April.

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