Watch A Hilariously Awkward Video Of Katherine Schwarzenegger Picking Chris Evans Over Chris Pratt

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Access Hollywood‘s Instagram account proved they have the receipts on Tuesday when they posted an old interview of Katherine Schwarzenegger picking Chris Evans over her now-fiancé Chris Pratt in a game of ‘Would You Rather.’

Access Hollywood highkey thought they were being helpful because Katherine changes her answer to Chris Pratt in like seconds (even though her instincts were right and Chris Evans is absolutely the right choice), but let’s use context to help us all understand how truly awkward this is. Imagine if you found an old video on your boyfriend’s phone asking them if he’d rather hook up with you or one of your roommates and he chose your roommate first. I would need therapy to get over that, H2GKMO.

Pratt and Katherine, who have been dating for less than a year, are going to have a God-focused wedding according to an anonymous source at People. Honestly, this source could have been anyone with eyes, since the couple has always been open about being super religious and getting engaged only a month after going Instagram official screams “Army Boyfriend.” You know, like how every army guy seems to propose after three months because they love God and America and Eagles and Flags and normal guys will take three months to even see you in actual daylight. Chris Pratt’s been giving off major “loves America and Jesus” vibes lately so this engagement should not have come as a shock to anyone (except for Katherine, who apparently thought she’d be marrying Chris Evans).

Anna Faris, who’s had the pleasure of making out with both Chris Evans and Chris Pratt like the true icon she is, talked about Katherine and Pratt’s engagement on Tuesday during an episode of Anna Faris Is Unqualified (featuring Colton Underwood! Why is Anna living my life?). Pratt texted Anna the morning after he proposed to Katherine (and probably before he posted about it on Instagram, so props to him) to let her know, and Anna, who is currently dating cinematographer Michael Barrett, said she’s known it was going to happen and is thrilled for the couple.

“I texted him back like, ‘I just wanted to remind you I’m an ordained minister,'” Anna joked, although it would be a boss move to officiate your ex’s wedding so maybe she wasn’t kidding. “I’m so happy for them. I knew that it was gonna happen and I love her and I love him and I’m just so happy that they found each other.”

Anna and Pratt remain couple goals even after their split in what sounds like basically the most amicable divorce ever.

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