Kiernan Shipka Parties With The Riverdale Cast & Lives Next To Ross Lynch, So We’re Jealous

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We might never get that formal Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina crossover we’ve been asking begging for, but we know that the two casts from the Archie universe are tight AF and Kiernan Shipka‘s most recent interview with Girlfriend is even more proof of that.

After sharing that she and Ross Lynch are neighbors in Vancouver and she’s always waking him up (#thedream, more on that later), she said that she goes to Riverdale parties when the two shows are filming at the same time.

“[Hanging out with the Riverdale cast], it’s so fun! I feel like we always say we’re going to hang out more than we do, then we end up being super busy but it’s really good!” she said, “I’ve been to a few of their parties and I really love them all.”

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We need to know more about their parties, but Kiernan opted not to share more. Though her saying that they “always say [they’re] going to hang out more than [they] do” is SO relatable. From what we’ve seen, different combos of the Riverdale and CAOS crews do meet up from time to time and Kiernan seems particularly tight with the real-life Archie Andrews AKA KJ Apa. Guess being the stars of their shows brought ’em together?

Now, back to this Girlfriend interview. Kiernan spilled even more tea about life in Vancouver, saying that being Ross Lynch’s neighbor has its drawbacks — for him at least! “He lives right next door and I always feel like I’m waking him up, because my smoke detector goes off a lot when I’m cooking and it’s very sensitive,” she mentioned. “He’s always checking if his music is too loud, so it’s cute. But we’re good neighbours to each other.”

Ummm… what we wouldn’t give to live nextdoor to hottie Ross Lynch! Or hottie Kiernan Shipka, TBH. Though Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has been pretty firm that his two shows won’t crossover, it’s always heartwarming to see our fave young actors and actresses hanging out with one another and supporting each other. After all, there are very few people who understand what it’s like to be in their particular position — so they’ve gotta be there for one another!

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