Kit Harington Says His Wife Accidentally Spent $200 On Almond Milk After His April Fools’ Day Prank

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Kit Harington April Fools Prank

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Kit Harington takes April Fools’ Day a little too seriously.

Who could forget April Fools’ 2017, when Kit put a fake severed head in his fridge for his then-fiance Rose Leslie to find? The head looked uncomfortably like Kit, and as someone who never regularly celebrated April Fools’, Rose was understandably freaked, fell to the ground, and started crying.

“She pretty much told me that if I did it ever again, that would be it, and I think that’s marriage included,” Kit said at the time. Flash-forward two years: Kit and Leslie are happily married, Game of Thrones is ending, and Kit thought it would be a good idea to finally shave his beard… and to prank Rose again. Spoiler Alert: This was not a good idea.

Kit told the story of his “First World” April Fools’ joke to Seth Meyers last night, and being the good husband that he probably is, this year he chose a prank with slightly lower stakes. That, and he didn’t have a surplus of graphic props from the show at his disposal, so Kit decided to improvise by writing a fake news article about Rose’s favorite almond milk. Has he never heard of saran wrapping a toilet seat?

Anyway, the fake article said the company that makes Rose’s favorite almond milk was going out of business because of Brexit, yet another thing we can blame on Teresa May. Rose, much like the bad*ss Ygritte, is a woman of action, so she immediately called Kit’s personal assistant and bulk ordered the almond milk with his credit card. This year, instead of making his wife cry, Kit just accidentally bought her $195.91 of her favorite almond milk. Funny and delicious.

Kit stayed pretty mum on the subject of Game of Thrones‘ final season during his Late Night With Seth Meyers interview, just retelling the story of how he waited until the last table read to find out the ending of the iconic HBO series. Who knew that we would have to mourn the loss of our favorite show and the loss of Kit’s beard during the same month? Life really isn’t fair. How are we supposed to know if this is really Kit doing Game of Thrones press or just a pale, young Mark Ruffalo?

Seriously, it’s uncanny:

Maybe for next year’s April Fools’ Prank, Rose can hire Mark to visit Kit and pretend it’s him from the future with a very important message: stop pranking your wife.

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