KJ Apa Claims He’s Only On Twitter To Watch Out For Cole Sprouse

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KJ Apa Twitter Cole Sprouse Trolling


Am I the only one who’s noticed the Riverdale cast has been seriously inactive on Twitter lately? Hopefully that’ll change when season four of the show premieres in October, but KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes‘ tweets have been few and far between — save a few Hustlers promotions.

But KJ, AKA the IRL Archie Andrews recently became active again and questioned why he’s even on the social media platform at all.

After laughing at an Ashleigh Murray tweet with emojis, KJ posted his first original tweet since May and it’s pretty on-the-nose, writing, “I don’t really know why I have Twitter.”

Ultimately, he decided that his Riverdale costar, Cole Sprouse’s penchant for trolling his friends and family online was the reason he stayed active on Twitter.

Honestly, fair enough. May we remind you of these Cole Sprouse tweets pointed toward his Aussie costar?

Honestly, though, when you look at all those examples, it really does seem like KJ is the one throwing the first stone. Bro, what’s up with that? Ultimately, we think this Twitter user put it best:

JK — we could never!

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