Kylie Jenner Slammed For Cultural Appropriation In Bahamas Bikini Pic

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A Kardashian/Jenner has done it again! And by “it,” we mean cultural appropriation. The reality TV family has long been accused of stealing aesthetics and even ideas from people of color, and during Kylie Jenner‘s Bahamas trip with two-year-old Stormi Webster, eagle-eyed fans noticed the youngest Jenner had chosen to accessories that aren’t “for her” to use at a white person.

For those of you who, somehow, in 2020, still don’t know what cultural appropriation is, it’s when someone chooses to adorn themselves with physical items or mannerisms that are a part of a cultural community of which they are not a part. Essentially, it’s when white people use qualities that POC may be criticized for and pass it off as something of their own. Non-Black people wearing dreadlocks is a great example, as is non-Japanese people sporting traditional kimonos.

While Kylie didn’t don any of those faux-pas *this* time around, her decision to wear hair beads while on vacation has been criticized. An article for Okay Africa in 2018 describes, “How Hair Beads Connect Us to Our History” and explains that “[h]air adornment played a similar role in early West African civilizations [to signify wealth and status.” But now, “Rather than being used as a signifier of one’s tribe or social standing, braids, twists and locs worn with adornments have come to represent stylistic individualism and — more symbolically — a pushback against the prevalence of white beauty standard,” the author, Damola Durosomo, wrote.

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Considering Kylie, a white person, opted to use the same historically African hair embellishments that are seen as “a pushback against… white beauty standards,” it shouldn’t be hard to see why people have a problem with her co-opting the style — like she and the family have been accused of doing with many other aspects of their “lewk.”

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