Kylie Jenner Gets Attacked By Body Shamers For Her Latest Instagram Post

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Kylie Jenner Body Shamers

Instagram / Kylie Jenner

There’s no denying that Kylie Jenner is looked up to by young women all over the world, but even she can’t escape people commenting negatively on her appearance under her Instagram posts. The 22-year-old posted cute throwback photos of herself and her daughter Stormi from a year ago to Instagram yesterday with the caption: “about a year ago with my baby ? where does the time go..” Instead of receiving comments about how cute the photos were or how much Stormi has grown, Kylie was plagued with comments from body shamers about how “unnatural” her body looks.

The photo series shows Kylie in a neon bikini holding baby Stormi, with the last photo, in particular, showing the reality star’s thin waist in contrast to her fuller hips/butt. Her followers are convinced that she’s had a ton of work done on her body and they haven’t been afraid to let her know. Here are some of the comments under the post.

– “Is that really how female bodies are suppose to look…? [sic]”
– “With all due respect, your hips just looks unnatural. It just doesnt match to your body frame. Just saying [sic]”
– “Why her body look like that? doesn’t look real [sic]”
– “Your diaper full girl lmao [sic]”
– “No real human should be shaped that way [sic]”

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it’s almost #LEOSZN where my Leo’s at?

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This isn’t the first time Kylie has been slammed by people thinking she’s had “too much plastic surgery.” Ever since the beauty mogul admitted to getting lip filler as a teenager, she has been on the receiving end of hate from strangers on the internet. The mom-of-one also comes under scrutiny from her followers on the daily for allegedly Photoshopping her photos and altering her body through apps like FaceTune.

To be super honest, it’s really nobody’s business whether Kylie has had her hips or ass done, and if she feels hot AF (and from her Insta pics, it looks like she does), then maybe we should leave her the hell alone, mmkay?

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