Kylie Jenner’s The Handmaid’s Tale Party Was A Really, Really Bad Idea

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Please remind us to never let Kylie Jenner plan our birthday parties. You know, just in case we accidentally slip into a universe where that is a possibility. Over the weekend, Kylie appeared to celebrate both the birthday of her friend Anastasia Karanikolaou and the season premiere of Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale with an elaborately Handmaid’s-themed party at her home in California. You could have stopped at dinner and drinks, Kylie. Seriously, I’m sure Stassie would have loved that.

For the bash, the 20-year-old model transformed her mansion into a recreation of the fictional Republic of Gilead. Which would be cool and fun if the Republic of Gilead was not known for, I don’t know, literally enslaving women and forcing them to reproduce. Guests were also instructed to dress as the handmaids from the show. They also had the choice of two themed cocktails, “praise be vodka,” and “under his eye tequila.” Kylie’s kind-of sister-in-law Sofia Richie was also in attendance.

Listen, we love a good themed party, and we totally understand getting hype for the return of your favorite show. It’s just that why on earth would anyone want to be in Gilead, even if they were just pretending? This is a place where women aren’t allowed to read let alone own multi-million dollar cosmetic companies. Women are beaten and forcibly re-educated. They’re forced to carry the children of strangers of children to term, and then they’re forced to give those children up! And that’s the best case scenario! The worst case scenario is that they’re forced to clean up toxic waste until the radiation poisoning kills them in extremely unpleasant ways. If this sounds extremely depressing, that’s because it is. Overall the show (and the novel it was based on) is supposed to stand as a cautionary tale about the dangers of getting complacent when an overreaching government comes for women’s personal freedoms. In a world where some of the most restrictive abortion laws in our nation’s history (which disproportionately impact low-income women) have just been passed, it seems tone deaf for Kylie, the billionaire, to cosplay female oppression for fun.

This all seems even more outrageous when you realized that Big Little Lies season two premiered on HBO just last night. Have you seen the costumes on that show? Dress up like Meryl Streep, Kylie! We promise you it’s so much more fun!

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