Kylie Jenner Gets Slammed For Wearing Mink Slippers & Eating Bacon After Post About Animal Deaths In Australia

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The hypocrisy in Kylie Jenner JUMPED out! The Kylie Cosmetics makeup mogul is getting bashed online after she posted an Instagram wearing Louis Vuitton mink slippers… just after posting about how animal deaths in the Australian bushfires “breaks [her] heart.”

For those who haven’t been keeping up with current events (and didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night), the wildfires that have been raging in Australia for five months have killed 24 people, left thousands homeless, and have wiped out over 500K animals and 14.5 million acres of land. Hollywood elites have recently found themselves interested in this catastrophic bushfire, realizing that it is almost certainly related to the climate emergency the world is facing right now.

One such Hollywood elite is Kylie Jenner, who posted to IG about how her followers could help by donating money to relief in Australia and then posted a photo of a koala in the arms of a firefighter. Her caption, “Over half a BILLION animals have been killed in Australia… this breaks my heart…” followed by a glamour shot of her feet snuggled into some $1,500 pink LV mink sliders, has gotten haters riled up.

“Eat the rich,” one such hater posted with side-by-side photos of the youngest Kardashian-Jenner‘s IG Stories, along with the research she did about the mink used for Kylie’s footwear. Another wrote, “Kylie Jenner: omg climate change is so bad loads of animals are dying. Also KJ: look at all my super cars and my private jet while I walk around in my mink slippers sipping from a plastic cup and eating bacon. @KylieJenner have fun explaining this to your daughter.”

To make matters worse, after those posts, she uploaded a shot of her breakfast — which included bacon. The Golden Globes opted to switch to entirely plant-based meals for the celebs in attendance last night, in a hope to decrease the night’s carbon footprint considering 13-18% of human-caused carbon emissions are due to the meat farming industry, according to a 2006 study from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

At the awards show, Joaquin Phoenix encouraged his fellow stars to put their money (and actions) where their mouth is. Instead of sending #thoughtsandPrayers to Australia, stop taking your private jet to Palm Springs and start getting serious about the climate crisis. Maybe Kylie Jenner should listen to him.

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