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Kylie Jenner Just Said She “Can’t Wait” To Try Jaclyn Hill’s Lipsticks

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Poor Kylie Jenner is just living in her own world, oblivious to all the YouTuber drama going on and honestly, we’re kind of envious of that way of life. Kylie attempts to be in with the influencer crowd now that she has her own cosmetics line, she posts selfies with some of the biggest names in the beauty community including James Charles and Nikita Dragun, shares pics of her PR packages, and goes back and forth on socials with all of the famous influencer gals. She’s been friendly with Jaclyn Hill in the past, so we’re not surprised that she was one of the, err, lucky few to receive a PR package from Jaclyn Cosmetics last week.

If you didn’t know it already, which clearly Kylie didn’t, there’s been a lot of drama surrounding Jaclyn’s first brand launch of 20 nude lipstick shades. Customers say they received broken, melted, lumpy, and literally hairy lipsticks that people thought must be expired. Jaclyn denied that the strings were hair and claimed it to be cloth from the white gloves used in the labs. It was a whole ordeal, with some customers complaining that they had allergic reactions to Jaclyn’s products, so it’s kind of hilarious that Kylie JUST posted a video to Instagram saying she couldn’t wait to try them.

Yesterday, Kylie posted a video to her Insta stories showing off her gorge Jaclyn Cosmetics PR box, in which she can be heard saying “can’t wait to try these! This PR box is magical.” We can agree the box is magical Ky, but the lipsticks … not so much.

Fans were obviously replying to the 21-year-old reality star being like, “OMG GIRL DO NOT USE THOSE RANK PRODUCTS” and Kylie promptly deleted the Story, so… LOL. Although we haven’t heard of anyone who received the lipsticks in PR having all of the smelly, moldy, and hairy alleged issues, it’s probably best that Kylie doesn’t actually try them until everything is straightened out.

We don’t blame her for not being up-to-date with the scandal, though, she is a busy business lady.

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