Fans Think Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant After Khloe Kardashian’s IG Story

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Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Remember when Kylie Jenner was pregnant with 17-month-old baby Stormi Webster and nobody had any idea? She and Travis Scott kept the entire thing under wraps in the biggest kept Kardashian secret of all time, so it wouldn’t be too surprising for her to keep it a secret again if she ever decided to have a second child. That’s why fans are convinced Kylie is expecting after a video from Khloe Kardashian‘s birthday party hinted at the news.

The Daily Mail pointed out that, in a video posted on Khloe’s Instagram Stories of her birthday spread, a woman can be heard saying “I’m pregnant!” The Mail, as well as others, are pretty certain that it’s Kylie. Below is the video in question.

Kylie can’t be seen in the video — just a voice is heard, so realistically it could be any of the trillions of friends Khloe had at her 35th birthday party. Despite this, fans are sure that the woman speaking is the 21-year-old beauty mogul.

Kylie did continue to post photos of drinks at the party on her Instagram Stories, which might have been her way of subtly shutting down pregnancy rumors. HOWEVER, it could have just been water in those cups!

Kylie has expressed her desire to have multiple kids in the past, so the idea that she’s pregnant again isn’t too far fetched. Back in April, the reality star posted a tribute to her boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott on Instagram in which she said: “Let’s f*ck around and have another baby.”

E! also reported in May that Kylie and Travis plan to grow their family, and that they would love to be pregnant by next year (2020 is only 7 months away!).

“Kylie talks about having another baby very frequently,” a source told the outlet. “She would love to have another baby with Travis and would love to be pregnant by next year. She talks about it all the time and feels like she was truly meant to be a mother.”

So even if the video is a bit of a reach, we can probably expect another little Jenner baby in the near future.

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