Kylie Jenner Might Have Proof That Travis Scott Cheated & We’re Super Emo About It

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Talk about horrible timing. Kylie Jenner was already going through it after her best friend (allegedly) homewrecked her sister, but now it looks like she’s got cheating problems of her own.

TMZ reported Thursday night that Travis Scott didn’t cancel his Buffalo, NY Astroworld concert because of illness like he’d claimed (or, realistically, because no one wants to go to Buffalo), but that the “Sicko Mode” rapper actually had to stay in Los Angeles to deal with cheating accusations from Kylie. Travis’ reps told TMZ that he definitely didn’t cheat on Kylie, but considering the Kardashian’s track record, the allegations aren’t exactly surprising. Just disappointing.

Apparently, Travis flew to L.A. from the East Coast to surprise Kylie and their adorable baby girl, Stormi Webster, but Kylie ended up surprising *him* with evidence she found in her home of Travis cheating. They supposedly got into a huge fight that started on Wednesday night and carried over into yesterday.

Later that night, Kylie was seen getting dinner at La Pergoletta with three of her friends (not Jordyn Woods, clearly, but three randos we’ve never heard of before) and going clubbing (lounging?) at Delilah until 2AM without Travis. Travis is still in Los Angeles, so it’s definitely a little weird that she would be going out without him, but it would also be a little weird for her to go out ~at all~ and look totally fine if she’d just found out her dream boyfriend had pulled a Tristan Thompson. To be fair, Travis did surprise Kylie, so it’s possible she’d already had these plans, and he’d rather detox with his kid during his break than go out.

We’re just hoping these rumors aren’t true because even though we’re messy b*tches who live for drama, Kylie’s highkey going through enough right now without having to deal with her future husband possibly cheating on her while still estranged from her Day One, Jordyn.

It’s wild to imagine that anyone would *want* to cheat on Kylie, even though men are confusing and don’t understand a good thing when they have it if past Kardashian relationships are any indication of the population as a whole. Kylie probably also agrees that she’s too hot to deal with this B.S. since she posted a pic of her looking real cute on her Insta a couple of hours after the allegations surfaced:

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SETTING POWDERS by @kyliecosmetics launching March 7th?

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King Kylie also posted a makeup tutorial for the new Kylie Cosmetics setting powders on her story and seemed basically fine, so maybe this is all just Kris Jenner trying to deflect some of the heat off of Jordyn, Tristan, and Khloe’s issues. Travis might rap AstroWorld, but he lives in KardashianWorld, and he better know that. Kylie’s Insta is definitely a pre-scheduled advertisement for Kylie Cosmetics, yeah, but nothing is a coincidence in KardashianWorld if Kris has anything to do with it.

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