Fans Think Lana Del Rey Just Shaded Camila Cabello For Copying Her “Ride” Monologue

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Camila Cabello spent her Labor Day weekend teasing new music all over her Instagram and one person who was definitely here for it was Lana Del Rey. Lana showed her love for Camila yesterday in the most Lana way possible — by commenting on her post and writing “what the hell.” Lots of people, however, thought this was Lana shading Camila because her new monologue sounds a lot like the one in her song “Ride.” This lead fans to write things like “drag her” and “finish her” in response to Lana’s comment and it was all a giant mess.

The replies got so bad that Lana had to clarify that her comment was intended as a compliment. She responded to a fan on Instagram, writing: “I meant what the hell in a good way. As in it’s so good.”

Lana further explained herself on Twitter by telling fans to get their facts straight. “I’ve been talking about how special camilla is in interviews all week, get your facts right!!” she tweeted. But like, she spelled Camila’s name wrong …

The Norman F*cking Rockwell singer has had to do some further damage control, responding to news accounts on Twitter to reinforce the fact that she loves Camila. We can only imagine her anxiety right now.

Despite Lana’s clarifications, her fans are still dragging Camila for allegedly copying the singer.

Do you think there’s some plagiarism going on here? We’ll leave the two monologues below for you to compare yourself.

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what do I know about love ?

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