Lea Michele Shuts Down Haters With Cheeky Picture of Her Cory Monteith Tattoo

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Twitter: @LeaMichele

Lea Michele shut down haters on Tuesday when she posted a fire picture showing off one of her many tattoos in honor of Cory Monteith. In a photoshoot that channeled Emma Robert‘s June Cosmopolitian cover, Lea turned up the smolder in a matching black underwear set and showcased some of her many tattoos — including one in honor of her late fiancé, fellow Glee star Cory Monteith.

Lea got the “Finn” tattoo three years after Cory’s passing, and it celebrates the actor’s on-screen Glee personna — quarterback Finn Hudson. Lea and Cory dated both on and offscreen and were engaged to be married when the actor died suddenly in July 2013.

Some fans have been slamming Lea online, as they believe that the actress has removed several of the tattoos she got in the wake of Cory’s death. Lea’s fire picture shuts down those who have been harassing her on Twitter. She kept the caption simple, opting for three black hearts instead of words.

This Twitter harassment is gross for a couple of reasons. First, we have no proof that Lea has gotten any of her tattoos removed or covered. Secondly, it’s not the place of anyone to question how Lea chooses to grieve the tragic loss of her fiancé. Grief is weird and complicated, and definitely not subject to input from the general public.

BRB crying and binge-watching Glee.

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