Leaked Image of Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart Surfaces Following Breakup Reports

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Another day, another Sprousehart photo leak! While the internet is hotly debating whether Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have *really* broken up, a leaked photo of the pair from happier times is making the rounds on Twitter and Tumblr.

The photo (which is extremely PG-rated, TBH) shows Cole kissing his (erstwhile?) girlfriend on the cheek. Fans believe that the photo is from 2017, and shows an inside look the time Cole surprised Lili with a romantic hot air balloon ride. Cole told Glamour that it was the grandest romantic gesture he’s ever done.

The leak comes at a time when the couple’s relationship status is being hotly debated. Despite reports from Us Weekly, People, and E! that they’re splitsville, Sprousehart shippers are refusing to believe the news. Instead, they’re pointing to the couple’s cute behavior at Comic-Con, the lack of named sources in articles about the couple, and previous false breakup rumors to bolster their claims that the couple is still together. Some fans even believe that Lili’s mom, Amy Reinhart, made a subtle dig at the breakup rumors when she posted an Instagram Story that featured a screenshot of Taylor Swift‘s hit song “You Need To Calm Down.”

Outlets are now saying that a reconciliation is on the horizon for the pair, but we’ve got some serious questions about this breakup timeline in the first place. If Sprousehart really did break up during the hiatus, when did they find the time? According to a quick survey of Instagram, Lili wrapped filming on Riverdale season three on April 9th. The couple then attended the Met Gala together on May 10th. Later that month, on May 29th, Cole posted a photo of Lili on his Insta.

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Are you keeping up? Because this brings us to the beginning of June with no breakup in sight. Later in June, fans posted photos of the pair in New Jersey, where Lili was filming her new movie, the YA drama Chemical Hearts. By early July, Lili’s mother Amy was DMing fans over Tumblr to reassure them that “my daughter loves [Cole] with all her heart,” though that doesn’t necessarily mean they were still together.

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Since returning to the Riverdale set a couple weeks ago, the pair has been interacting with some of each other’s social media posts. Lili even posted a comment on Cole’s 4th of July photo.

Our investigation would point to the fact that any breakup would have likely taken place in June, with the pair reconciling enough to meet up later that month. It’s totally possible, especially if they have a mercurial relationship, but it would make the turnaround for this supposedly “messy” breakup pretty tight.

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