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Lili Reinhart Claps Back To Haters With Joke About Her Sex Life With Cole Sprouse

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Well, people, the moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here – Lili Reinhart has officially confirmed her relationship with Cole Sprouse in an epic Twitter clapback. The couple has remained fairly hush-hush up until this point, opting to give the public a bare minimum on the details of their love, but now Lili’s spilling the deets on what actually goes down between herself and her Riverdale co-star behind the scenes.

After some rude fan named Emily posted a DM she shared with a friend where they call the actress a “cringey bitch” and question why “she gets to date cole when [they] dont,” Lili decided that she’d had ENOUGH.

“She probably tells him to touch her butt and buy her pizza,” the user wrote before her friend agreed with a “HAHAHA” and “youre absolutely right.” In the comments section of their own post, they then joked about starting a gossip blog.

But Lili fired back with a kickass response, saying “I tell him to touch me ~everywhere~ and then we eat Chinese food.” She then dropped one more diss. “Get your facts straight, Emily,” she continued.

Suffice it to say that fans were not mad Lili lost her cool. Many replied to her tweet with GIFs showing BF Cole Sprouse giggling and laughing. The haters are still yet to respond to the clapback, but we have a feeling they won’t. In fact, they’ll probably wind up just erasing their tweet because, well, THAT’S EMBARRASSING.

It serves as a good reminder that celebrities are people, too, and you can’t expect to bash a star on social media and not suffer any consequences. Oh, and another question… why is having a hot guy touch your butt and eating Chinese food a bad thing?

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