Lili Reinhart’s Mom Steps In During Fan Debate On If Lili & Cole Sprouse Split

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Break up alert! Or maybe not … no one really knows. Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart have been Riverdale‘s strongest couple on and off screen since the show began. But now, dedicated #Sprousehart shippers can’t agree on whether or not their favorite couple has called it quits. The notoriously private couple has always shielded their relationship from the public eye, but let’s examine the evidence …”

First, up, this Instagram Story that Lili’s mom, Amy Reinhart posted on June 30. In the pic, a girl (who looks like it’s Lili, but it could be her sister Tess) is wearing a shirt that says “I’d be lots with out you.” Is a hint that Lili and Cole have called it quits? We love an empowering breakup slogan! IRL, we don’t think this is a sign. It’s probably just a shirt, but some fans are *convinced* it’s more than just a shirt.

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Amy deleted the Insta Story after fans caught on. She then allegedly clapped back on Tumblr when a fan said that the couple was dunzo. She said that the t-shirt was an inside joke between her and Lili’s younger sister, Tess.

We gotta say we trust Mama Reinhart on this one, and doubt that they’re broken up.

Though the pair haven’t been spotted out in a while, Cole did post this fire picture of Lili on his Instagram on May 29, which was only a month ago.

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Some mercurial pool

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Fans tracking the couple’s every move *swear* that Cole was visiting Lili in New Jersey earlier this week where she was filming the Amazon film Chemical Hearts, before jetting off to LA. Honestly, is there any reason to be in New Jersey other than love? We doubt Cole would have made the pitstop if he and Lili were broken up.

Do these candids look like exes to you? Some say it looks like the fans stopped for pictures while Lili was crying (because Cole dump her, the stans insist!) but maybe that’s just the look of someone who is emotional to be reunited with her boyfriend? Literally, the look on someone’s face during a fan photo is farrrr from evidence.

Sprousehart fans are desperate to see their favorite couple back together in the spotlight. But just because two very busy people are not spotted out and about doesn’t mean that they’re not together anymore. Fans shouldn’t have to wait much longer to see Cole and Lili back together. Filming for Riverdale season four is expected to begin this month.

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