Lili Reinhart Randomly Deletes All Instagram Photos Of Ex-Boyfriend

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We here join Twitter asking, “Why now?” Anyone who has followed Lili Reinhart from her early days of filming Riverdale will know that co-star Cole Sprouse is not the only boyfriend she’s ever had. (Also, duh.) But now, more than a year into her relationship with her co-star boyfriend, Lili has decided to wipe her social media clean from her past relationship and the Riverdale fandom has some questions.

The actress was formerly dating a guy named Sam, and although the photos are gone, some of the tweets where she gushed over their relationship are alive as ever.

Don’t worry, we’re screenshotting just incase these go into ether, as well. There is one *interesting* find from these found-tweets though, and it’s a comparison between the one about her ex-bae snoring on Skype and…

Very interesting.

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