Lili Reinhart & Dylan Sprouse Just Dragged Cole Sprouse On Recent Photoshoot

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Did you know Cole Sprouse is a ~photographer~? He’s repped by a legit photography agent, and his work has been in the Wall Street Journal, Vogue Hommes, Elle, and W Magazine, among a ton of other big-name magazines and ad campaigns. It looks like the mystique has worn off for two of the people closest to Cole, his brother Dylan Sprouse and his adorable co-star/girlfriend Lili Reinhart, who dragged him over Instagram after he posted his last shoot with Lili.

While Lili only shared a ~quality photograph~ from the session, Cole’s Instagram gave us a little more insight into their relationship dynamic.

“How do the people you shoot even tolerate you?” Lili asked in response to being told to lie down and put her face in the snow… a justified drag. A fair critique. A couple that can make fun of each other together, stays together, so we hope the couple publicly makes fun of each other more in the future because this was adorable.

Dylan’s take on the shoot was a little less adorable. The worst part of having siblings is that they’ve been there through it all and they forget nothing. Cole posted a photo of the snowy woodland where he did his shoot and made a joke about smoking — or at least, we’re pretty sure its a joke because Cole has that whole “I started smoking ironically in college and now I can’t stop, oops!” thing going for him. The ~emo~ imagery reminded Dylan of a simpler time, back when Cole was that weird ponytailed dude who trolled people on Tumblr for “social experiments” and every post he wrote was a poem. Not exactly the good ol’ days.

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Mini roundup ✨ #CommentsByCelebs

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Cole clapped back with a joke about Dylan’s 6.6 million Instagram followers, a champagne problem. People are dying, Cole. Someone needs to get Mr. Moseby in here to break up this argument, STAT.

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In case you were wondering, Cole’s art major side hasn’t been killed completely by the CW. His @camera_duels Insta, where he takes pictures of people taking pictures of him and posts aggressively long captions, is still alive and well. Although it has way less than 10m followers, so I guess we shouldn’t expect to hear about it from Cole “10 million or bust” Sprouse.

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To be a duelist means that, on many occasions, one must be prepared for the long range encounter. You may be looking at the first photo and thinking, “wow, mother must have been right, maybe I am dumb. I can’t even see the duelist.” Let me hold your hand through this one just like your kumon tutor. Scroll right, ahhh yes, there she is. Sometimes the camera plays the revolver, sometimes the rifle, but for me, it always plays the victor. And pro tip to the casual duelist: if you want to remain unseen, may I suggest you stay away from high socks and sandals. You aren’t pulling yourself away from an anime binge to help dad unload the groceries, you’re in the middle of town- and this town ain’t big enough for the two of us.

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Dylan’s got his own artsy sh*t going on too — his Insta is currently one giant handrawn photo and a shoot with his amazingly hot model girlfriend, Barbara Palvin, and he owns some type of niche ale brewery in Brooklyn. Turns out, when you mix Disney Channel stars and NYU, they become IRL Portlandia characters.

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