Lili Reinhart Fans Think Cole Sprouse Is Hooking Up With Noted Lesbian King Princess

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Instagram: @kingprincess69 / WENN.com

Are Sprousehart fans okay? Y’all gonna survive ’til Riverdale starts filming later this month? Some fans of Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse‘s relationship freaked out on Twitter yesterday after a video surfaced of Cole hanging out with singer (and noted lesbian) King Princess.

The “P*ssy Is God” singer posted pictures and videos of herself hanging out with the Riverdale actor on her Instagram Story. Though the two seemed close — cuddling, smoking, and goofing off with each other — it looked like they were just friends. Since this is the year 2019, we are pretty confident in the judgment that men can hang out with femme people (King Princess is genderqueer) who aren’t their girlfriends and everything will be okay.

Some of the accusations got pretty intense, with some fans taking to King Princess’s social media to harass her. It’s worth noting that implying that lesbians are secretly into men is a harmful stereotype that aims to discredit women’s sexual identities without men and is very much not okay.

Other fans jumped into to justifiably point out that King Princess is a lesbian, which means she would have no interest in Cole (a man). They also expressed their love for the pair of alt-icons, who looked like they were having an excellent night out in the city.

Other fans began to realize that Cole and King Princess are pretty much the same person. This is the only conspiracy theory that we will entertain about these two at this time. Thank you very much.

Hey, KP? Please invite us next time?

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